Our products

We developed a new range of medical products offering innovative solutions for objective and quantitative clinical assessments of locomotion and functional activities based on inertial sensor technology. Our products are GDPR and HIPAA compliant and respect both ISO 60601 and ISO 60304 norms.


Gait Up GO | Rapid & easy assessments.

Gait Up GO

GaitUp GO is the ideal medical solution to perform easy and accurate instrumented clinical assessments. Composed of one wearable device connected to a phone application, it offers better follow-up, real-world evaluations and home-based monitoring.


Gait Up PRO | Detailed analysis

Gait Up PRO

GaitUp PRO is the medical solution to perform clinical assessments with high precision. Composed of three wearable sensors and a portable computer, Gait Up PRO is the perfect fit to perform clinical assessment with the accuracy of a gait laboratory in real-world context.